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So, what’s the key to good SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy? Undoubtedly, it’s selecting keywords and placing them appropriately. Developing links is basic to SEO strategy, sure, but how does it rank in the long list of SEO must-haves?

The foundation of good and successful SEO strategy is good content. In fact, one of the biggest challenges for an SEO company is to be able to rise and exceed a client’s expectations. Isn’t that tough?

It would be, if you considered that a client expects the SEO (search engine optimisation) to get him top rankings competitively for his site which is merely an electronic version of his printed company brochure. The duty of good search engines is to throw up good search results.  So, when a searcher keys in a keyword, the very first few results should give him the results he’s looking for. 

If an SEO company works honestly and diligently, it will not provide top rankings for websites that are just a sales pitch, but it will work with search engines to rank sites rich with content higher than the others.  However, there is another way of achieving better page rankings—to provide excellent tools and information about a client’s business or industry. Your client’s content should be so unique that you would not find it on any other site—that alone will draw the traffic to your client’s site.  

If you are a good SEO company, you will source relevant information about exactly what your potential customers are looking for, anticipate their problems and develop an online tool or bespoke application to solve the problem or a part of it.  Once you do this, youre ready to give it away free of cost.   

With this, your site is a good resource for those who will buy your products. It is top-of-mind recall for such clients, and search engines will try to raise it to first page rankings. Besides, your potential clients will discuss the problem that you have solved while others might even blog about it or discuss it on forums. The viral marketing effect on the internet is capable of reaching far more potential customers than any company can afford to pay for.

If you give a valuable tool or product that you have created free of cost to your potential clients, you will find that they will return the gesture by buying your products. A good way to know just where your client’s site stands is to compare it with the top 10 sites in his industry by using appropriate keywords and check the results. If you feel your client’s site should rank above these top 10, very good, but if not, you can make your site more valuable with good focused content.

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