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When you try to increase your presence on the internet, a great way of doing it is to organize keyword searches. Really, this means that you think up a word or phrase that best describes you or your line of business. For instance, are you into construction? Then, some keywords that will attract traffic to your site would be steel, building, concrete, new houses, villas, offices, etc.

If you put any of these keywords into the search bar of a search engine, it will throw up millions of entries, and hopefully yours will be among the first few on the first page.

Keyword density: Now that you’ve understood the importance of keywords, let’s move on to keyword density. This refers to a particular keyword phrase used on a site. It is calculated as the ratio of the number of times a keyword is used to the total number of content words used in the text matter of a web page. This is very important for search engine ranking as, these days, search engines measure keyword density to give rankings to web pages.

The oftener a keyword or phrase is seen on a webpage, the higher its rankings on search engines. This is so because a keyword is seen as the topic of a particular page. Usually, a density of 3% to 5% is considered very good.

Article directories: These are websites that contain free articles with the author’s byline.
These are great places for you to publish articles on your line of business so that anyone interested in that topic will visit your site. In short, it is one more way of attracting visitors to your site.

Those who read the articles on your site will take you for an expert in this field and visit your website or contact you by e-mail. So, from one article you will have gained a client, and who knows? This might well be the start of a long and enduring work relationship.

And, considering you have posted your article in a free article directory, those who have affiliate websites on the subject of construction will use your article on their websites. Your article will naturally go with your byline and give you even more exposure than you imagined, considering each website will repost your article. This is how you will benefit from the traffic that others’ sites get.

From this, you can see the effect keywords and articles can have on the visibility of your website. Therefore, it is well worth saying that these are the best SEO (search engine optimisation) solutions you can opt for.

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