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To get its website included in the high rankings of search engine search results is the main target of every business group. The benefit of ranking high in search results is that companies can make profit in low cost and they can reduce their sales force also. As a part of search engine promotion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the number and quality of guests to websites. SEO places websites on top ranks of search listings of search engines such as Yahoo and Google. SEO and W3C are interrelated. World Wide Web Consortium or W3C establishes a reliable World Wide Web intercommunication.

Search engine optimization of web sites began in the 1990s. Search engines employ programs called “spiders” or “bots” that crawl a web page and store the information on it. This information holds the contents on the web page and some codes used to build the page. Normally, the contents and basic codes that the spiders or bots look for on a page are recommended articles, article archives, discussion forums, reports and books. You can find many web site designers SEO service providers that specialize and offer inexpensive SEO solutions.

Berners-Lee established W3C in 1994. W3C has set many voluntary standards for HTML used to build web pages in the past thirteen years. This permitted website designers to build websites which are accessible by any computer operating system. The vast acceptance of these W3C standards made it possible to access reliable and useable Internet.  W3C HTML has been enhanced with CSS and then W3C’s XHTML.

Search engine spiders will be the very first visitors to your web site. If you want those spiders to come to your site time again and time again, you have to make your web site spider friendly to perform well in SEO terms. To make those spiders visit your web site you have to make the site W3C compliant. The spiders have been taught to read W3C HTML or CSS or XML code. If a site is coded in some way other than this or if there are mistakes in the code, the spiders would not be able to read it. So it is very essential to make your website code W3C compliant. It helps spiders to come to your site time and again.

Spiders can not see what the visitors see when they look at a website. While the spiders see the code in the web page they can understand if it is W3C compliant or not. Google keeps tags on the web pages in it with various types of bots or spiders to maintain the reliability. To increase the search engine optimization for your site always keep your website compliance with W3C standards. Making your web site W3C compliance will increase the traffic to your site also.

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