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Let’s first understand what SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about. It refers to you doing a search on a particular word or phrase on a search engine. Your search throws up a variety of websites that fit your word search, with the top sites being ranked first. You will naturally click the sites listed first, and people who own sites would want their sites to be ranked among the first few.

How is this done? Well, it needs a thorough understanding of how SEO functions, and with a little SEO training, you can reach your website to the top of the list of search engines.

You can take SEO training by various means either at special seminars over a few days, online SEO training courses with downloadable training material or by writing articles for ezines and websites, and letting publishers carry them for free. These articles would include your resource box with a link back to your website.  

More effective a method is writing articles to attract the traffic. Website owners and ezine publishers always want constant content so this is a great way to build links to your website and increase branding.

Getting started: First, decide appropriate keywords, and then look for alternative keywords with the help of software like clickadequalizer. Next, search for keywords with a large number of searches and low competition. Research the topic you want to write on, and write coherently, taking care not to make grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Actually, writing articles wins you a lot of credibility, and separates you from the competition, since a visitor to your site will realize that you write from the standpoint of subject matter expertise rather than wanting to sell a product or service. These articles should pertain to your line of business for which you have created the site.

Make the title of your piece catchy so that people will be drawn to read it, and that will increase your chances of being published. Include your most important keyword or phrase into the title, and take care not to make the article too heavy or wordy in fact, not more than 500 words. But if you can’t write, hire a professional writer.

Next, sign up with article directories and send them one or two articles a month. Once the links to your site increase, your search engine rankings will also improve. These links cost money (about $40 each), so writing free articles can get you so many more for free.

Now, offer your potential client the chance to visit your site for more information and to review your products or services.

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