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An SEO (search engine optimisation) toolbar is relevant to the ordinary surfer because these days everyone needs a part of the wealth of information available on the Net that’s ready to use. Often, however, getting this information can be very difficult and frustrating. Toolbars come in handy when you need to search for something you just can’t find—they help formulate your query in a sharper and more focused manner so that you get what you’re looking for without any waste of time. This reduces your browsing time so that you can collect your information faster.

Take the Alexa Toolbar, for instance. You can get a variety of information from its toolbar about any webpage. Let’s check out its main features:

  • Traffic rank at-a-glance: If you can see the traffic ranking of a site at a glance, that’s a big help. This ranking will tell you just where your site stands among all the sites visited by users of the Alexa toolbar.
  • Links to similar websites: Another important feature is the one you can get from the Alexa toolbar are links to other websites similar to the one you are viewing right now. This is helpful because as you access a site from the long list of URLs and browse it, you might come across other sites that are more relevant to your needs than the one you’re viewing.

Now, you can click these sites effortlessly and see related links on the toolbar that may either be partially or fully similar to the ones you saw earlier. This will give you many options of sites to choose from while you surf from site to site without repeatedly going back to search engines. So, with this, you save time and surf.

In addition, you will be informed of the reach of your website per million toolbar users which other sites link to yours. You can also search in a variety of platforms such as news, dictionary, thesaurus, stocks, etc; and email a webpage to a friend and be taken  to shopping sites like Amazon.

  • No Firefox here: You might not be able to access Firefox here, but Firefox does allow you to use Quirk’s SearchStatus, which is a toolbar extension for Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox users. This feature shows both the Alexa Ranking and Google PageRank for a webpage. You might not even see that it is located at the bottom corner of your browser or on the menu bar on top of the page.
  • Additional features: If you install Firefox, you might not need to install the Google toolbar, but if you are an IE user, you’re sure to want the latter to make your life fulfilled.

The bottom line, however, is that if you are an avid net surfer, you will benefit a lot from the Alexa and Google toolbars. The popular dictum is that if it is good to be informative, it is better to stay informative, and in that respect, toolbars are absolutely vital.

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