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There are many online advertising companies which have not been established for a very long time but don't be put off by this. Recent studies have shown that new internet marketing companies are providing better services than previous internet marketing companies because they are not trying to take money from clients and run. Internet marketing companies can supply your organisation with search engines banners at fantastic prices due to the volume of banner adverts these internet marketing companies are purchasing. Going direct to the search engines will be dearer unless you purchase huge volumes of banner traffic. Most banner traffic is only useful for brand awareness unless your get keyword driven banner campaigns which are fairly effective on large traffic volume search engines. If you are looking for quality traffic that will guarantee to generate sales, PPC advertising or Search Engine Optimisation is the way forward for your online organisation.

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Online media agencies can supply your websites with high volumes of traffic and you will see your counters increase greatly. This does not mean that your website is doing really well and you will have to question why with all this traffic you are not increasing the number of online sales your company is making. Traffic doesn't mean nothing if it is not targeted and targeted traffic comes from targeted keywords. Most banner advertisement traffic is from non targeted keywords making banner adverting not as effective in recent years. Keyword targeted traffic is a lot more expensive and is dominated by a bidding system i.e. companies place a bid on the highest price they are willing to pay per click. This form of advertising has caused a major bidding war amongst ecommerce businesses. Keyword analysis is very important and can make or break an online PPC campaign. Many companies fall in the trap of going for very generic keywords this makes their PPC cost increase hugely with little or no return.

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Most Internet marketing organisations will only give you statistics on their portfolio of clients and this is never a true analysis of performance. This is not really relevant for your company because every company has different goals and targets. If you choose less competitive keywords and more targeted keywords the results are better. Try to go with firms that will give you exclusivity within your sector because this will enable you to corner your competitors. Never take the price the sales person offers you first because they will always try to get as much money from you as possible. Ask for free trials as this will reduce cost by trial and error advertising so try before you buy.

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