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We know that Google is the best search engine to be listed on so our main advertising service involves getting you highly listing within Google due to the fact Google is dominant when it comes to search engine traffic. Also the traffic from Google has higher conversion from traffic to sales than any other major search engine and this has been proved by numerous online studies. Google guidelines state that guarantees in regards to positioning is not acceptable so when we carry out your SEO work we will not be able to guarantee your company listings.

Google guidelines state that avoid businesses and media agencies that promise you front page or number 1 listings. This is because it is deemed as unethical practice. Google is a fair search engine and will not tolerate unfair practises by SEO firms. The main reason why online marketing firms offer SEO is that ROI from Search Engine Optimisation can be extensive only if the optimisation of the website is done ethically. Unethical SEO can get a website penalised and grey bared which means the website will no longer get listed within Google. This actually happened to an SEO firm known as "SEO Inc" because their practices for their clients were unethical. A good SEO company is one who understands that there is no short cut to achieve top listings in Google and the top listings can only be achieved if the Google guidelines are followed closely. With prices of Google Adwords reaching upwards of £10, SEO is a must for small to medium enterprises who cannot afford paying vast amounts of money for targeted Adwords traffic.

Our SEO Process

SEO Bank has the professional expertise to present your company effectively to the internet audience.

All our sites effectively establish your presence on the Internet.

1. The most important factor in regards to search engine optimisation is keyword analysis because choosing the wrong keywords will not generate your company targeted visitors. We will make sure only keywords that are being searched for and keywords that are related to your industry will be used.

2. If you are happy with the keywords which have been chosen we then create a template page per chosen keyword which will be perfectly optimised for the search engines.

3. The work is then displayed on our SEO testing for you to see if the work carried out is ready to be uploaded.

4. Once you are happy the pages are required to be uploaded to your website. This can be incorporated by our self or yourself. (FTP details are required if you wish us to upload the work)

5. At this stage the work is now your own property and part of your website, the submission process now begins, where we will submit you to all the major search engines.

6. The Final stage involves working on obtaining links to your website to increase or build Page Rank on your site. The way this works is that Google gives a relevancy of importance to each website between 0 and 10. The higher the number the more important your website is to Google. Getting links from relevant websites is what increases the number.

The above outline process is run at a pragmatic level to ensure a natural linking process is adopted. If all the links are put onto your website all in one move, Google will hold your website back from getting goods results. So there are many factors which come into play for a successful SEO marketing campaign and it is not as easy as just putting meta tags in to each web page. What I would say is that SEO is like a jig saw because you will have to put each and every piece together to complete your SEO campaign

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